Sweden ROCKS!

Just a little tidbit for you…

I took a look at the Google Analytics for my 63 More Days site and discovered that there have been nearly twice as many visitors (149) from Sweden as the United States (91) in the last 30 days.

How did you folks in Sweden discover this site?

And why so many from your country? Is there a link up somewhere alerting you to this site?

The order of visitors by country are…

United States
United Kingdom
South Korea

I’m surprised by how many people have stopped by this site: hundreds of people from 14 countries.

It’s humbling.

I’d like to know what you visitors think about Bruckner – favorite symphonies, favorite conductors, favorite box sets, favorite movements within symphonies, etc.

Feel free to leave a comment!

But, even if you don’t, THANK YOU for spending even a few minutes here.

I appreciate it.


  1. Niklas

    Hi Bill,
    I might be the link to your Swedish audience. I red your post in the Facebook Anton Bruckner group and then made a link to your website in a Swedish group for discussions on classical music (Forum fΓΆr klassisk musik) which has a little more than 2900 members. And many members, including me, like Bruckner a lot!
    I have most of the Bruckner boxes you are listening to and I like reading your thoughts on the symphonies though I do not always agree.
    I’m looking forwards to your continuation!

    • Hi Niklas,

      Thanks for letting me know why so many people in Sweden have visited my site. It was your doing! πŸ™‚

      Feel free to leave more comments. I’d like to know when you disagree and why. There’s no right or wrong answer about music – at least, when it comes to what someone likes or doesn’t like. That’s subjective. So it’s possible your insights might help me hear what you’re hearing. Maybe I’ll gain a fresh insight – and a new favorite conductor or performance.

      Thanks again for your comment. Made my day.


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