Day 10: Symphony No. 2 in C Minor (Young)

My “office” this morning is a local Tim Horton’s, a Canadian restaurant chain that recently entered the market in West Michigan. Tim Horton’s coffee is tasty, I’ll give them that. Their donuts are passable. Their breakfast sammies are uniquely flavored. It’s their atmosphere that needs a bit of tweaking. Very small restaurants. Austere decor. Plus, … [Read more…]

Day 8: Symphony No. 2 in C Minor (Inbal)

My “office” this morning is, once again, Baker Book House – where the books are plentiful, the staff is exceptional, and the coffee and home-made scones are mouth-watering. I could live here. And almost have over the past couple of years. If you live in the Midwest, you owe it to yourself to visit this … [Read more…]

Day 7: Symphony No. 2 in C Minor (Barenboim)

My “office” this morning: Red Hot Inn, a little after 6am. I’m the only person in the restaurant at this hour. I like it that way. Red Hot Inn is a local institution. They’re known for their chili dogs. But their breakfasts are quite delicious – and reasonably priced, too. For the record, I had … [Read more…]

Day 6: Symphony No. 2 in C Minor (Barenboim)

My “office” this morning – Bagel Beanery, a local coffee shop and, well, bagel eatery. Bagel Beanery is like Panera Bread Co. in that I can sit for hours using their Wi-Fi sipping coffee and eating an occasional bagel. It’s much smaller than Panera, though. So people watching is less enjoyable because there are fewer … [Read more…]